A Thanksgiving Twofer

Wow! What a crazy week at my house. On Tuesday I had my Thanksgiving dinner with some friends. We do it on Tuesday every year so that Mike, a family friend, can work his grueling black friday and not miss thanksgiving with us or his family and so the rest of our friends may be able to spend Thanksgiving with their families as well. I made Tiramisu Brownies which I didnt even take any pics of it, but ill post the recipe later on. That was yummy by the way. Milk is needed to eat that though.

For TWD I made the Thanksgiving Twofer Pie. Only now is when I actually get a chance to post it. What a mission of a week. With guests constantly over, lots of cleaning to do and endless amounts of cooking I had little to no time for myself and to post.

The Twofer pie was extremely easy to make and I made it in minutes. Im not a fan of eating my baked goods. I think I like it better when its not cooked, odd as it may sound. I love batter, syrups and sugar butter. Although everyone loved this pie and my husband ate the last two slices, my favorite part was dipping my fingers in a little bowl of the corn syrup mix that I set aside for myself. Mmm.

This recipe actually took a lot of ingredients especially since it looks and was simple enough to make. 8 Eggs! That is quite a lot of eggs. Other than that, I used a can of organic pumpkin puree since I really didn't want to make my own puree from scratch. I was cooking 3 different sides plus a 30 pound turkey that was wrapped in bacon, full of stuffing and surrounded by potatoes, onions and pears.

Here are a few pics of the Twofer Pie:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great time with their families and friends!

<3 Donna


vibi said...

Thank you Donna, for participating with me this week! I'm glad all turned out fine with your pie and that you enjoyed it... I'm scared to have printed the wronge recipe though, as you state here, you used 8 eggs for the one pie? ...I read and thought it was 4! Anywho, it looks great and was tasty, that's what counts!

Pamela said...

A 30 lb turkey wrapped in bacon? Holy cow, that sounds fabulous. Nice looking pie. I hope it was enjoyed.

Engineer Baker said...

Wow, that sounds like quite a feast! Your twofer looks fabulous, and I'm glad it was enjoyed.