Well, I have managed once again to get hurt. It always seems to happen when my husband goes out of town. A candle burst into flames that was high above my reach and so I reached up to grab it. While this was happening I guess my brain didn't register the hotness till I blew out the candle. It was a Febreeze candle with the glass jar and when I tried to let go once I started to feel pain until I noticed the jar was stuck to my fingers which I had to rip off to stop the burn. Gross, I know.

I had to be rushed to urgent care to get looked at because it was too much pain to deal with. I had gotten second degree burns on my hands so It's pretty difficult to type. It's taken me 20 minutes just to write this. :)

So I wont be cooking till I an take off these bandages. But I do think its cute that my hands look like Mickey Mouse gloves.