Kugelhopf and the day after.

So I know I'm suppose to post on Tuesdays for my TWD cooking posts, but yesterday I was sick and just felt blah! I really wanted to do this recipe though. I love baking cakes and I love turning them into yummy breads. Although I do love the way bundt pans look at the same time I also dont like them for the same reason.

I thought this would be better put to use in a bread pan. Eaten like bread and not cake. I waited for today to have a bite of it with some butter and caramel flavored coffee. The raisans were so yummy in this Kugelhopf. Oh man, I almost died of delight when I had that first bite.

Although it was really tasty I just have to say to Dorie, Why...Why must you pick the most craziest recipies that require an insane amount of prep time and not even WARN me about it! Jeez Louise! I wanted to kill myself making this cake. That and I had a husband asking me when it would be ready. Its like having a child in the back seat asking if you are already there yet. You just want to drop it of on the side of the road, but know that you would end up seeing some jailtime for it.

Also I've been sick for the past few days and have been traveling from west coast to east coast. It's been pretty non-stop for me the last 3 weeks or so. I went to Las Vegas for a dear friends wedding. It was completely beautiful. I got to see our friends cry and of course my husband made fun of the groom sniffling the entire time. I won 500 big ones at a Texas Hold'em table on my first try. Im sure it wont happen again, but it was fun as hell. I spent 4 days in Vegas and had so much fun this time around even though last time I went I got married. Too many things to do the last time I guess.

I then came back and was only home for 2 days when I had to drive 9 hours to Georgia to my little nephews birthday party. Conan, the dog that I had mentioned before, didnt get adopted by my coworker and my mom got him anyways. Now she has 2 mini-pinches. I was in Georgia for 2 days, hung out with family, went to a 65 mile yard sale and found a working Commodore 64 for a dollar, and finally when to a bon-fire. I loved the weather up there. I wish it would get cold here in Miami.

Im going to be making some cupcakes tomorrow and experimenting with fondant decorations as well. I know Ill be tired as hell seeing as I'll be at Best Buy tonight waiting in line like a reatrd for the release of Wrath of The Lich King. Bleh.