Fresh Gingerbread Bundt Cake

Oh what a month. Its been nonstop at work, I now work Monday through Friday from 11 to 8pm. So that means I get to get up early and bake...YAY! Ok so there was a bit of sarcasm there, but not too much because I do love to bake. For TWD I baked the gingerbread last week. I know Im behind but House, work and family first.

I also was going to take pictures of my husband and my coworkers eating the bread but I was too involved in conversation with them to remember to take pictures so all I have is the pic of when I poured it into the bundt pan. Heh.

I also forgot to do my first assignment for Daring Bakers. I know shame on me, but I swear its not my fault. I was really excited about making Tuiles. I had this whole idea about make a starry night theme with some blueberries and dark chocolate swirls on them. Fail I guess.

The Fresh ginger and Chocolate Gingerbread was amazing. I never eat any of my baking, but this smelled so amazing I had too just have a bite. One bite turned into 3 slices.

I took the bundt cake to work the next day and everyone tore into it like crazy. So I ill definitely be making that one again pretty soon.

Here is the only picture of the Gingerbread bundt cake I made.

Next time Ill definitely take pictures.


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