Ahoy there Matey! Thar be a Floatin' Island!

So I was late in making these yummy treats, pics after the jump, since I was ill this weekend. Cheap food sometimes isn't a good idea. Like 39 cents chicken wings from Miami Subs.

Other than that Ive had a pretty good weekend and I know the weekend will end quite well too. For starters, there is the birthday cake I'm making for my boss. Its a cowboy hat with a goats head on the face of the hat. He's a Satanist, let's not judge now, and hes a Cowboy. He doesn't sacrifice little babies or animals he just has a lifestyle that's carefree pretty much. I respect his beliefs and I don't judge.

Anyways, he's turning 30 so I thought it would be cool to make him a banging cake!

Then I thought I would also make all my coworkers on my floor little valentines day gifts. It'll be little treat bags with a cupcake brownie glazed over in the shape of a heart with V-Day chocolate kisses as well. I have to make 20 or so of those.

And then on Saturday I have a gun show to go to to get my gun permit so that I can carry my gun around. About 2 weeks ago I was nearly assaulted and my Blue Great Dane puppy, Sophie, was almost taken from me.

The man who was fairly large, I'm only 5'2'', asked how much was I selling the puppy for. I thought it was weird since I didn't carry any thing noting a puppy for sale. So I proceeded to tell the man that how did he get the notion that my dog was for sale.

He then asked the same question again and I got annoyed and told him to get away that he could not afford such a dog. I know, I know, I was asking for it with that response. He then called me a B**ch and told me he was going to take the dog anyways. I told him I had a gun, which I didn't at the time, and to back away or I would shoot. He ran after me. So I picked up Sophie and ran as fast as I could into a crowd.

That's Sophie Bleu

Ever since then I have no choice, but to carry my gun. So there goes money being blown on a permit to carry it around. Id rather spend it on shoes or new baking utensils. Uhg, Miami is so horrible!

Back on topic! Sorry about that, Didnt want anyone to think I was a crazy woman for carrying a gun.

So I have to admit, I LOVE these floating islands. Yummy and fun to make. Mine are still cooling in the fridge seeing as I made them like 3 hours ago. The only difference with My Floating Islands and Dories are that mine are made with Carnations Dry Milk or "magic crystals" as Carnations likes to put it. Saves me a lot of money on milk and tastes just like 2% milk. Much healthier since Im dieting. again.

The Custard

My fav, the Merengue.


Shari said...

Gorgeous dog! That meringue looks perfect too. Thanks for baking along with me this week!

TeaLady said...

Way to go girl. Stand up to the MAN!!

Pretty islands.