Good old southern chili!

I know I'm not usually into posting the foods I cook and I always post baking related things but this had to be on here.

So I went over to a friends home to try out her hand at chili. She made the most delightful Texas- styled Chili. It had ground pork and brisket in it. This would be my first time trying this kind of chili. It had no beans! I had read about chili with no beans and yet couldn't imagine any chili without them. Its like one of the main ingredients.

So after trying her chili I was convinced that you don't REALLY need beans in chili. It was so yummy. So the next day I was craving more chili. I wish I would have taken some of my friends homemade chili...home! So I decided to make chili. This recipe was handed down to me from my mother, who got it from her mother.

I tweaked it a bit for myself though. I added bacon this time. Although my chili has another ingredient I wont disclose. :) It came out completely marvelous! So yummy and perfect! The entire stock pot was emptied that night. I made Cuban styled Tamales to go with it and Francie made Enchiladas to go with them as well in case no one liked the Tamales. A pot of rice was also made in case no one wanted either of the two. I made dinner rolls to dip into the chili and man, that was yummy in it self.

Good Old Southern Chili Recipe


28oz of Peel whole tomatoes
6oz of tomato paste
15oz of tomato sauce

15oz of red kidney beans
15oz of great northern white beans
15oz of spicy chili beans

2lbs of ground chuck beef 80/20 or 90/10 preferred
20oz of thick sliced bacon

half of a white onion chopped
3 tbsp of minced garlic
2 chili peppers (im going to use chipotle peppers next time)

fresh paprika to taste
2 tsp of garlic salt
2 tbsp of coarse pepper
1 tsp of sugar
chili powder to taste
*secret ingredient* (haha)
2tsp of oregano

2tbsp of virgin olive oil


Go ahead and grab a wide skillet and stick the ground beef in it on medium heat. Add the chili powder, coarse pepper, garlic salt and paprika while you cook it until it browns.

Start chopping up the bacon and once your done put the bacon in a separate skillet on medium heat and let it cook until it looks crispy.

In the meantime while those things are cooking chop up the onion, chop up the peppers and mince that garlic. In a sauce pan add the Virgin Olive oil in with the onions, peppers and garlic. saute them until the onions brown just a tad.

Drain the beef in a colander and then poor the bacon with the bacon grease in the same colander. Mmm bacon!

Once you have finished draining everything all together go ahead and put the bacon, beef and onion mix in a stock pot.

Add the beans in the same stock pot along with all the tomato ingredients.

Add oregano and sugar to the chili and let the chili simmer for 1.5 hours.

Thats all. Add Tamales, Enchiladas, or just plain Jasmine rice! My husband decided to take the same idea he had from my friend and add sour cream and shredded cheese to it!

It was yummy!